The Seattle Institute

for Cardiac Research

Who We Are


The Seattle Institute for Cardiac Research (SICR) was founded in May 2000 by Gust H. Bardy, MD. Dr. Bardy has 30+ years of experience as a researcher, cardiologist, and electrophysiologist specializing in cardiac arrhythmias.


The focus of SICR is on evaluation of the efficacy and effectiveness of drugs, devices or strategies to improve care of patients with acute life-threatening illness including cardiac conditions. The staff includes Jeanne Poole MD, a consulting electrophysiologist; Graham Nichol, MD , an emergency physician with extensive experience in resuscitation research; Jo Ann Elrod, PhD, a research scientist specializing in regulatory compliance of medical studies; Jill Anderson, BSN, RN, a research nurse with 30 years of experience in cardiology and resuscitation science; Dipika Vyas, MBA, a grants and contracts specialist with experience in budget and audit activities; and George Johnson, BSEE, a research engineer with experience in electronic communication and data collection/management systems.


These staff are supplemented as needed by research-certified nurses and engineers with extensive experience in clinical trials design and management, data management, biomedical research, and computer/internet programming.



What We Do


SICR is dedicated to providing state-of-the-art clinical research services to lead and support clinical trials on a full or partial service basis sponsored by the National Institutes of Health or other agencies or foundations.


Dr. Bardy has served as scientific director of SICR since 2000.  He has management experience for all research functions throughout the US as well as globally. He has extensive experience working collaboratively and productively with the NIH as well as Duke Clinical Research Institute (DCRI)’s DCC and health economics center. His history of conceptualizing and actualizing new approaches to serious cardiac arrhythmia was recognized by his receipt of the 2014 Pioneer in Arrhythmia and Electrophysiology award from the Heart Rhythm Society.  He also has extensive experience in intellectual property development with over 200 patents held to date.


Members of our team have administered multicenter randomized trials that have enrolled more than 80,000 subjects in more than 1,200 centers in more than 10 countries. This experience includes successful integration of academic (e.g. Resuscitation Outcomes Consortium [ROC]), industry (e.g. ROC) and military partners (e.g. Department of Defense (DOD) in ROC; VA sites and core lab in SCD-HeFT), as well as domestic and international sites. SICR has successfully administered research awards totaling $80 million, including $48 million from NIH.